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J P Ruiz is a full-time writer and a disabled veteran of the war in the Middle
East. He is a veteran police investigator who specialized in crimes against
children. Ruiz has always had a passion for helping children especially who cannot
help themselves. He has extensive training in crime scene investigation and an
advanced certification in interview and interrogation.

While Ruiz's unit was deployed in the Middle East they were directly exposed to
Syran gas as another unit destroyed a cache of enemy weapons. He was already
ill when he returned from combat but was still able to physically work. As time 
passed his symptoms became more severe and in 2005 he was spending more
time in the hospital than at home or work. In 2006 he was unable to work 
physically and was diagnosed to have the Gulf War Syndrome. Rated 100%
permanently disabled he spent his days going from one doctor's appointment
to another while his beautiful wife drove him.

Unable to continue working Ruiz discover his next dream come true. In his 
office at home he spends hours each day writing books and publishing books fo 
other writers. Ruiz and his wife Esmeralda own and operate Angel Canyon
Publishing House a part of Angel Canyon Ministries.

Ruiz continues working with children in his church's Children's Ministry
Program and teaches adult Sunday school from time to time. He has written
three Christian children's books titled, The Sam Series (see books below).
Ruiz published his book for adult readers titled, The Father's Love, in print
and digital format. Also available are a three digital book series title, The Father's
Love Series, where he has broken down The Father's Love book into a three
book eBook series. Who is this Heavenly Father, The Face of Love, and The
Love Chapter can be purchased on amazon.com.
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The Father’s Love

Broken Down into a three book series for Kindle


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“I took my book, ‘The Father’s Love’, and broke it up into four parts. I completely revised the book and with some work made it clearer and easier to read.” –J.P. Ruiz

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5.0 out of 5 stars You will be blessed…. July 15, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Who Is This Heavenly Father is a very personal, endearing story of turmoil, faith, and love on a journey to finding identity. It is open, and transparent. It is very relatable, with raw emotion and introspection. It hit really close to home, as I am going through custody with the mother of my children, and they are torn between her and my wife. Nothing is more heartbreaking than a child who feels alienated. I have experienced it and J.P. does a great job of capturing those moments. This book proves one thing, Yehovah is the cause of all causes, and the reason for all reasons. Enjoy.
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Check-out Ruiz’s Christian Children’s Books


Sam’s Best Friend

(Book #1 in the “Sam” Series)

Sam is a seven year old boy who lives in the small Texas town of Utopia. His parents are divorced and mom just moved them to Utopia because that is where their new church is located. Sam is in a new town and must make new friends. Sam is sad because of his parents are getting divorced and prays that God will bring him a friend who cansbfbookcover2-223x300 help him through this situation. God delivers, Sam meets the only person who can be there to make everything better, Jesus Christ. This is an awesome story about prayer, meeting Jesus, and making Him the Lord of your life. Get Your Copy today! Click on book cover for purchasing options and updated pricing.






Sam’s Hero

(The Second book in the “Sam” Series)

       In Sam’s Hero a new family moves in to the house next door. Sam meets Bobby and they spend the day together playing superheroes. Sam learns that Bobby’s father is ill and needs a miracle. Bobby explains to Sam that he wished there were real Sams-Hero-digitalsuperheroes who could come and heal his father. Sam shares Jesus with Bobby and explains that Jesus is still in the business of making miracles. Click on book cover for purchasing options and updated pricing.

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Sam Goes Camping

(The Third and Newest Book in the “Sam” Series)

       Sam’s wish comes true and his father is taking Sam and Bobby camping. In this story Sam shares Jesus with his father. He and Bobby share the love of Jesus as they help people who are in need. Sam learns about relationships and about the 510iJgS0sFL__SX258_PJlook-inside-v2TopRight10_SH20_BO1204203200_-240x300importance of praying for those who are not saved. It is an awesome story with great lesson. This book is available in print  for only $8.99 and digital format on Sale right now for only $1.99. Click on book cover for purchase options and updated pricing.






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